How do I know what bowl size I have? - check out this article written by 420 Science that will assist you in this process:


Can I Clean it? Yes, simply remove the Snapabowl and wipe it with isopropyl alcohol.  

Is it Safe?Yes, completely! Our lids are made with stainless steel (used in pots and pans) that won't outgas or affect the taste or feel of your hit.

Will it work on my own bowl?No, Snapabowls are created to fit with the glass bowl they come paired with, it is a custom fit.

Is it Detachable? - Yes, The Snapabowl attachment is easily removable and re-attachable for easy cleaning and transport

Payment and Shipping
We accept Debit, Credit, or Visa Cards on our website. Once you have completed your info, you will be asked for your mailing address. Your information will be kept private and confidential. Product typically takes around 3-5 Business Days to ship. For more answers, please contact: contact@snapabowl.com

Returns & Refunds
All sales are final.  So please make sure that your purchase is the right size for your piece! Feel free to ask us any questions at: contact@snapabowl.com 

Warranty Policy
When you purchase our product online, Snapabowl will offer a 1-year warranty that covers any damaged product or manufacturing defect in regard to the Snapabowl attachment. (Not the glass itself). From date of purchase. 

More Information
If you'd like more information, or have any questions please contact: contact@snapabowl.com​